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10 Free Blog Hacks That Save You Time

The life of a publisher is one of constant multi-tasking. One moment you brainstorm ideas for interesting content and the other you improve SEO and page loading time. The name of the game is productivity and the way to achieve this is through easy-to-use apps plug-ins and sites that can help any publisher save time and money by hacking its way to success. That’s why here at Infolinks, we want to help all of our 125K collaborating publishers save valuable time and produce more productive and successful publishers. how do you ask that? by providing you with these 10 great free blog hacks to help create and improve content design SEO social email and BI (business inelegance).

Giants for marketing automation Hubspot offers several super-handy free tools for bloggers and publishers. One of the coolest and most user-friendly tools is their automatic blog topic generator. With the HubSpot tool you can enter three keywords and get five title ideas for content.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer:
Once you know what your next message is about, it’s time to choose the right headline that makes people click. The free CoSchedule headline analyzer was built after the company analyzed more than 1 billion post-headlines to create a user-friendly grader that evaluates headlines based on the number of words and the balance, the headline type and the sentiment of the keywords.

Every blogger or publisher knows how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to find images that match your posts. With Death to the Stock Photo you will receive an email every month with links to a new collection of free high-res lifestyle- The site also offers a premium subscription to access and search the entire archive.

In the past, you needed expensive image editing software to create eye-catching images for your blog. Canva offers a library of pre-made drag-and-drop templates and tools that you can manipulate while adding your own images. This makes it for anyone easy to create images for your blog posts social media images presentations and infographics.

With the # 1 SEO WordPress plug-in, Yoast can help you refine your idea and place it in a specific keyword or sentence as well as a step-by-step guide on what you should do to improve the SEO of your message. done by giving you a color value for each parameter with the general goal of making all different categories green.

Quicksprout SEO Tool
Founded by online marketing guru Neil Patel (from KissMetrics) this easy-to-use tool analysis of your (and any three competitors you choose) SEO social and site speed score. This in-depth tool gives you specific basic and advanced recommendations to improve your score as well as best practices from your competitors that you can learn and implement.

Social and Email
MailChimp is one of the largest and best (and free) ways to send email to your contact list. You can set up automated campaigns that deliver every new post that you write, or you can create campaigns all over again. MailChimp offers free accounts for people with fewer than 2,000 contacts in their list and more than reasonable plans for advanced users.

Once you have finished writing and publishing your blog post, Buffer helps you create a simple sharing scheme. With Buffer, you can schedule your new article to go to your social channels multiple times with different headlines or images attached to each update have been added so that you can always test your copy time of placement and image selection.

BI (business
inelegance ) Another great free tool from Hubspot, the marketing grader sends you (via e-mail) a customized report on how the social media activity of your website mobile responsiveness blog activities e-mail marketing lead nurturing and analysis. Marketing Grader outlines also what specific steps you need to take to improve your site.

Similar web
Perhaps the most advanced free BI tool on the web is similar web offers traffic and marketing insights for every website. The tool provides users with a quick overview of the range ranking and user engagement of a site. Similar Web transforms raw data into engaging and insightful website statistics including traffic sources organization versus paid search for social traffic related sites and more.

Now that you’ve saved time with these great blog hacks, published great content and improved the speed and SEO of your site, it’s time to get more revenue from your site! With Infolinks you can generate a new revenue stream from the unused advertising space of your site with our smart, intention-driven ad units that are fully compatible with all of your other standard display ad solutions.

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