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10 Technological Secrets That Save You Time, Money, And Difficulty

Certainly, we live in an incredible technological era. We mean, who would have predicted that we would ask our phones in 2017 to let us know if it was raining outside or entering a virtual reality world from our banks. ?

For all the great utilities out there, there are probably still many people you don’t realize you can do. That is why we are about to reveal the best technological secrets that we know to save you a lot of time and money.

1. Prevent your laptop from overheating with cutlery
If your laptop tends to generate the heat of a thousand suns while only trying to watch a movie, then yes. A simple way to relax. Simply take two forks from the cutlery drawer and place them upside down under your laptop to create a distance between the device and the surface.

2. Hands-free selfies
There is nothing worse than trying to press the ‘capture’ button, while at the same time trying to maintain your best selfie attitude and keeping your coffee precariously balanced – use your Apple headphones instead. Press the + button on the external headset while the camera application is open. In addition, the play / pause button acts as a remote control in video mode. Victory.

3. Be smart by personalizing your TV experience
If you consume movies and boxes like a hungry gannet, save a few pennies by signing up for a service like NOW TV. With this smart streaming power you can watch your favorite programs with minimal effort and even less commitment because there is no contract. Choose from Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and channels that you don’t have access to on Freeview like Sky Atlantic, then watch them on different devices or connect them NOW to Box TV for direct access to numerous third-party apps. . We call that value for money.

4. Use apps to save you
If you find it difficult to save money, apps such as Pariti and Moneybox are a deal. Pariti synchronizes with your bank accounts to keep track of your expenses and set a weekly budget, while Moneybox completes your daily purchases to the nearest table and invests your changes. You come in there before you know it.

5. Anonymous surfing
is a smart place because travel sites often raise prices as soon as they have seen you before you started looking for a flight. By deleting and analyzing your browser cookies, you make the airline think that this is your first time and offers the best possible deals. Gotcha.

6. Disable this data chewing function.
Have you ever been shocked to see your monthly data payment expire before you expected? Blame WiFi. This sneaky feature takes your data away by having your phone automatically connect to 4G if the WiFi connection is not strong enough. Switch it off by going to Settings -> Mobile data, scrolling down and switching off ‘WiFi support’. You have saved yourself a lot of money.

7. Use Google Translate to check if you have no nonsense.
When you write something important for which you really need to be a smart person, such as a cover letter or an important e-mail, the last thing you want to do is write nonsense and press send without realizing it. Copy and paste your text into Google Translate and listen again to see if there are strange sentences or errors.

8. Take your passport photo at home
Days spent your hard-earned £ 5 cash and were in a small booth under the brightest light ever, as the Home Office now accepts passport photos taken with a cell phone. Stand in front of a white or cream-colored background, make sure the photographer is about 1.5 meters away and take a quick shot.

9. Say no to notifications and save energy
Did you know that every time your screen lights up with the latest ‘likes’ on Instagram, it will wash your phone’s battery? Save juice by turning off annoying notifications. Similarly, reducing the brightness of your screen, turning off Bluetooth and closing background apps are all winners of battery saving.

10. Use a tennis ball to strengthen your speakers. 
buying a good pair of speakers can damage your savings seriously, so this hack pure genius. To amplify the sound from that small speaker slot on the side of your iPad, cut a tennis ball in half and make a small slot on the side to hook it into the corner. Rubber helps to amplify the sound, while the natural curve of the ball pushes sound back to you. That is basic science.

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